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Brymore Open Day

Brymore Open Day

In June 2019 the Society once again attended the Brymore Open Day. 

It was a beautiful hot day and we had plenty of opportunity to talk to students and parents about ourselves and explain how we can help those studying at Brymore Academy. 

The Society has made numerous grants to Brymore over the years and we help to fund projects which will benefit the whole school.  Our most recent grant was an application from the Assistant Farm Manager asking if we would help with purchasing a Beef Shorthorn cow, in calf and with calf at foot.  


The dairy herd had recently been moved over from black and whites to Dairy Shorthorns and the introduction of the Beef Shorthorn provides the students with the opportunity to compare the two types and see how the breed has separated and developed over the years.  

The Society gladly made a grant of £1000 towards the cost of buying the new animal.  


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